Ice SensationOnly TUNDRA ®, thanks to the patented “FLASH ICE SYSTEM” ® freezes, sanitizes and deodorizes glasses in less than 4 seconds without breaking them and diluting the drink.
With the best value-to-price ratio in the market, TUNDRA ® allows consumers to safely enjoy any drink, free from off-flavors that inevitably settle inside the glasses during washing and or storing on shelves.
A glass perfectly sanitized and refrigerated that helps keep the drink cool, enhancing flavors and eliminating bacteria-born odors.
Tundra Ice International® brand products to freeze and sanitize any type of glass do not work with Nitrogen, they simply work with food carbon dioxide.

Improves taste

Flavors and aromas enhanced at the molecular level by thermal conversion of CO2

Eliminates bacteria

Deep antibacterial action that ensures total safety for consumers

Involves customers

Aesthetic appeal that attracts customers

- 47,5°

Ice Sensation


Frozen and Sanitized Glasses

+ 300%

Increase of served beverages


Satisfied customers


Only TUNDRA ®, thanks to the patented “Flash Ice System” ® freezes, sanitizes and deodorizes glasses in less than 4 seconds without breaking them and diluting the drink


TUNDRA ® significantly increases revenues since consumption of beverages proposed with our aesthetically appealing system grows


TUNDRA ® guarantees the complete elimination of bacteria that inevitably stagnate in glasses washed with traditional methods or resting on shelves


TUNDRA ® provides 360° degree assistance services, since we install and personalize the product, teach customers how to use it and, upon request, deliver the CO2 tanks


TUNDRA ® makes customers save because it treats glasses rapidly and with a minimum CO2 consumption that relies on our innovative “Flash Ice System” ®.

Customizable design

TUNDRA ® will captivate your customers with an attractive, modern and stylish Italian design, which can be customizable with a screen print of your company logo

It purifies and improves the taste of beverages served

Allows sanitizing and breaking down the temperature to -47.5 °, all types of glasses - cups - for desserts - ice cream cups, and does not affect the flavors / fragrances..

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Tundra Ice & Santero Wines! October 01
Tundra Ice & Santero Wines!

Santero Wines has chosen Tundra Ice International.

Event: "Al Santo" Restaurant London April 09
Event: "Al Santo" Restaurant London

Obviously for anyone interested the entrance is open to the public.


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Tundra Ice International

Entirely made in Italy with modern and minimalist forms, backed up by an LED lighting system that makes them eye-catching and creates a strong visual impact, the “Ice sensation” products bring creativity, new thrills and greater quality to your business.

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