Ice Cube

Ice Cube ®

A cold steel cube that gives off warm emotions.
LED lighting for an incomparable visual effect.
Plexiglass front with your company logo.
Give one to a friend as a gift and have his name engraved on it!

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Why Ice Sensation


Only TUNDRA ®, thanks to the patented “Flash Ice System” ® freezes, sanitizes and deodorizes glasses in less than 4 seconds without breaking them and diluting the drink


TUNDRA ® guarantees the complete elimination of bacteria that inevitably stagnate in glasses washed with traditional methods or resting on shelves


TUNDRA ® makes customers save because it treats glasses rapidly and with a minimum CO2 consumption that relies on our innovative “Flash Ice System” ®.


TUNDRA ® significantly increases revenues since consumption of beverages proposed with our aesthetically appealing system grows


TUNDRA ® provides 360° degree assistance services, since we install and personalize the product, teach customers how to use it and, upon request, deliver the CO2 tanks

Customizable design

TUNDRA ® will captivate your customers with an attractive, modern and stylish Italian design, which can be customizable with a screen print of your company logo